Turning rocks into a powerful weapon against climate change


Our Mission

By 2030, our ambition is to achieve 10 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) permanently captured.

This is the equivalent of annual greenhouse gas emissions of 2 million people.


Our Solution

  • Enhanced Rock Weathering (or ERW) is a natural and cost-effective carbon dioxide removal technique that uses finely ground rocks to capture and store atmospheric CO2 for centuries.
  • By applying silicate rocks on crops, it also improves soil health and crop yield.
  • The carbon dioxide captured via ERW ends up permanently stored as dissolved bicarbonate in the oceans, counteracting ocean acidification.


Our Strategy

  • Provide farmers with adequate silicate rocks already available nearby that could address their soil correction needs.
  • Make good use of fine silicate rocks, an abundant mining by-product, putting it at the service of soil health and fighting climate change.
  • ClimeRock sells CO2 credits to companies looking to offset their residual emissions. Our plan is to quickly deploy new ERW hubs in France and other high potential countries, while continuously improving our processes and investing in research and development.